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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone see my information after it's been entered?
No one, but you, can view any information in your safe deposit box, including any data entered or any uploaded files. Our customer service reps cannot view, move, upload, download, add, update, or delete any of your information. Only you and your corporate partner can access information in the Dropbox (Legal, Tax, or Financial). Only you can connect a corporate partner to a Dropbox. A corporate partner cannot access your Dropbox without explicit action on your part. When you enter sensitive personal information through a personal information form it is encrypted before being stored. When a file is uploaded, it is also encrypted before being stored. Data is encrypted using a proprietary encryption algorithm, based on the 256-bit AES/Rijndael standard. If you voluntarily give read-only access to a trusted party, that person will be able to selectively read information. A read-only user cannot modify any data under any circumstance.

How do I get started?
Estate++ realizes that conducting a thorough inventory can be a lot of work. Our blog contains a great deal of information on planning for death, incapacity, theft, and disaster. We also provide you with a comprehensive Preparation Guide to help gather the relevant information needed to accurately complete your inventory. A link to this guide is available at the top of every screen after you login to your safe deposit box.

Is a copy of your uploaded will valid for probate purposes?
If your will is lost or destroyed, the copy uploaded into Estate++ can be submitted to probate court. However, depending on specific state law, submitting just a copy of a will may be insufficient. In addition to the copy, witnesses may also be needed who can state that the copy is, in fact, an original copy. When a document is uploaded into Estate++ an acknowledgement is explicitly given stating that the document is truly a valid copy of the original. For further identification, each document is tagged with the name of the user who uploaded the document. Estate++ also creates a digital signature for each uploaded document. When a document is downloaded, this signature is used to verify that what you are downloading is indeed exactly what you uploaded. Estate++ also sends you a quarterly reminder to remove or update copies of any revoked legal documents, which helps to substantiate the originality of legal documents.

How do I connect a Corporate Partner to my dropbox?
First of all, your Corporate Partner must obtain a subscription key and sign up with Estate++. Once this is complete their firm will show up in the list of Corporate Partners that you can associate with a dropbox. For security reasons, a dropbox can only be associated with a single Corporate Partner. However, the same Corporate Partner can be associated with more than one dropbox.
You associate the legal dropbox with an estate planner by navigating to:
    Account Management -> Legal Dropbox
You associate the tax dropbox with a tax advisor by navigating to:
    Account Management -> Tax Dropbox
You associate the financial dropbox with a financial advisor by navigating to:
    Account Management -> Financial Dropbox
You associate the insurance dropbox with an image expert by navigating to:
    Account Management -> Insurance Dropbox
You associate medical directives with a health care professional by navigating to:
    Account Management -> Medical Directives

Why do I get an HTTP Error 403 when trying to access Estate++ ?
The complete error message is:
    The page must be viewed over a secure channel
    HTTP Error 403.4 - Forbidden: SSL is required to view this resource
Information is routed through an encrypted connection between your browser and the Estate++ servers, known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). These servers cannot be accessed through an unsecured connection. You must type https:// (s after http) at the beginning of the server address.

Why does my browser redirect me to the login page while I am entering information?
This is a security feature of Estate++. Your browser is forced to logout after 15 minutes. This protects your data in case you leave your computer logged in while leaving it unattended.

Why aren’t recently typed text entries remembered by my browser?
This is a security feature of Estate++. Newer browsers include a feature called AutoComplete that keeps track of information that you've recently typed. As you type new information, AutoComplete tries to anticipate what you are typing and offers possible matches. You save time because you don't have to type in the full information. This feature also stores sensitive personal and financial information which can be viewed by anyone using the same computer. Estate++ prevents others from viewing previously entered text entries by disabling AutoComplete on all web pages.

How is data encrypted?
Encryption is the process of converting data into a form that is not understood by unauthorized people. Information can be masked, scrambled, or mathematically transformed.

Estate++ employs a double encryption standard where data is encrypted in transmission ("in-flight") and in storage ("at-rest"). Even though Estate++ is not a medical data application, it was designed to meet HIPAA's privacy and security standards for protected health information (PHI).

Estate++ protects information with a proprietary encryption algorithm based on the 256-bit AES/Rijndael standard. Data is encrypted before it is stored in the Estate++ database. All documents uploaded to the Estate++ servers are also encrypted using the same proprietary algorithm. All connections between your browser and the Estate++ servers are encrypted by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

How is data backed up?
Estate++ leverages's global computing infrastructure for complete, secure, and reliable storage of information. Data files, stored within this infrastructure, are both redundant and distributed. This means that multiple copies of data files (redundant) are stored in geographically separate locations (distributed). If a file is lost or destroyed in one location it is immediately available from another location.

Does my browser need any special settings to access Estate++ ?
Your browser must support Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with 128-bit encryption. Most browsers support this. Estate++ works best with:
  • Adobe Reader 7.0 or above
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
  • Firefox or above
If you are using Internet Explorer please make sure that you set one of the following:
    The Privacy Settings for the Internet Zone must be "Medium High" or less
    The Estate++ server address must be added as a Trusted Site

If you are using Firefox please make sure that you set one of the following:
    The Privacy Settings must be set to "Accept cookies from sites"
    The Estate++ server address must be added as an Exception to always allow cookies